Beat the Urge to Hibernate With a Home Improvement Project

bear family coming out of hibernation

February 6, 2017

The dark winter months may seem impractical for home improvements. However, upgrading your home during this slow season can improve your stress levels, as well as your bank account. Instead of hibernating this winter, why not transform your home into a sleek, energy-saving dwelling with optimum comfort to fit your lifestyle? Depending on your climate, some outdoor projects are unfeasible due to winter weather. Inside, there are plenty of options—from adding insulation and replacing your HVAC system to installing water-efficient plumbing and retrofitting your lighting.

Here are three reasons why your home improvement project may be best suited for winter:

Now is the Time for Energy Upgrades 

Spring is the busiest time for builders, as homeowners emerge from their winter retreat and start thinking about ways to enhance their property. Also, many homeowners are waiting on their tax returns to begin a project, allowing you to beat the rush if you start your renovation now – in the winter months. While money tends to be tight after the New Year, you could still start immediately with innovative financing options.

Property assessed clean energy (PACE) financing, for example, is a method that allows homeowners to pay for their clean energy home upgrades over time – as a line on their property tax bill – with no money upfront and flexible terms to fit your lifestyle. The catch is that all upgrades must qualify as energy-saving, water-saving, renewable energy or weatherization projects.

Contractors are More Readily Available

To make up for their hectic spring and summer months, contractors often spend the slow winter weeks with loved ones and prepare for the upcoming season. Some even hope for extra work, considering the costly holidays. This leaves contractors with more availability and personal attention for your unique project. Even if your project involves your home’s exterior, planning it in the winter will enable construction to commence the day temperatures allow – and the masses are still in their conceptual stages.

Sufficient Planning Can Lead to Better Inventory and Lower Prices

The perfect lighting fixture or ideal HVAC system is more likely to be in stock during the winter. The slow season also affords homeowners more time to research and shop around for the best materials to meet their needs. Any out-of-stock inventory can also be special ordered without a rush delivery. Winter sales are common, which present opportunities for homeowners to purchase materials at close-out prices. In fact, manufacturers tend to increase their prices in the spring, due to the demand for materials.

The cost of lumber products and windows, for example, tends to be higher in May than in January. Don’t succumb to cabin fever this winter—start planning your project in the low-stress months, and reap the benefits of a more comfortable and cost-effective home in the coming months.

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