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Imagine green jobs driving a more vibrant local economy.

Bringing Ygrene to your community is a proven way to create jobs, stimulate the local economy and meet clean energy goals. An innovative, award-winning financing solution that improves energy efficiency and makes properties more resilient, Ygrene is committed to delivering a PACE program that is accessible and affordable to your city or county.

Ygrene puts the customer first and provides additional protection for your community that does not exist through other finance options. Ygrene ensures that property owners provide the final approval on satisfactory project completion before Ygrene pays the contractor. Approving Ygrene to operate in your community will demonstrate your commitment to local resiliency, economic development, and sustainability goals to your constituents.

For local elected officials, Ygrene helps you better serve your community, reducing energy consumption, improving housing stock and offering your constituents an affordable option to improve their property.

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"I am proud that we have been able to make this program a reality and of the positive impact it will have on our community." 

- Former Mayor Tomás Regalado, City of  Miami, FL



“Projects like this are key to reaching our environmental goals and ensuring clean air for current and future generations.”

– Mayor Mary Casillas Salas, City of Chula Vista, CA

Bringing Ygrene To Your Community Is Easy

  • Review The Policy
  • Place Resolution On Agenda
  • Your way
    Approve The Program

Ygrene Delivers

Economic Impact

  • 27,000 new job years have been created and sustained.
  • $3.2 billion in local gross economic output activity has been generated.
  • Carbon emissions have been reduced by 1.57 million metric tons.

Consumer Protections

  • Ygrene supports consumer protections and PACE project compliance.
  • All contractors must be legally licensed, bonded and insured.
  • Contractors must meet Ygrene training and authorization requirements.

PACE at Work

  • Over 500 cities are currently participating in a Ygrene PACE program.
  • PACE legislation currently exists in 33 states.
  • Ygrene projects have generated an estimated than $1.5 billion in completed improvements.


For more information about PACE financing and its positive impact on communities, visit PACENation and PACE is Working. To learn about our local government partners, visit Golden State Finance Authority, Green Corridor PACE District, Clean Energy YoloSet the PACE St. Louis, and Missouri Energy Savings Program.