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Ygrene’s award-winning Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing provides communities with a scalable and enduring model for driving the adoption of energy and water resiliency measures and preventing catastrophic damage due to rapidly increasing natural disasters such as fire, earthquakes, hurricanes and more.

The PACE program for both residential and commercial property owners is made possible through a public-private partnership. States with PACE financing make it possible for more businesses to make improvements that can reduce utility costs, lower insurance premiums, decrease GHG emissions, and prevent damage from natural disasters. Property owners can finance these upgrades with low, fixed interest rates that are repaid through their property tax bill. These upgrades offer the added benefit of creating new jobs and stimulating local economies in the process.

A critical step: the PACE enabled world

PACE-enabling legislation is a long-term solution to the true cost of climate shifts in the coming years — a number that could reach $4 trillion by 2050.

Dive into the data and learn why PACE presents an opportunity for local governments to effectively change course.

Download the full PACE Enabled World report here.

Estimated Ygrene PACE impact to date

Protect businesses

PACE enables upgrades that protect against wildfires, hurricanes, and earthquakes, as well as those that help achieve clean energy goals. In the event of a natural disaster, every $1 invested in PACE-funded resiliency upgrades could save $2 in avoided property damage and relocation costs in the event of a natural disaster.

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Lower premiums and utility bills

From solar panels and energy-efficient HVACs to impact-resistant windows, PACE upgrades can help lower utility bills and energy usage. In storm-prone areas, upgrades that improve resiliency can significantly lower monthly insurance premiums.

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Create jobs and drive economic growth

In the thousands of communities where PACE-enabling legislation has been activated, PACE is helping to create 92,000 new jobs and increase economic activity by over $11 billion — not to mention the potential billions of storm-related damage prevented by these upgrades.

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