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What’s it like to work with Ygrene? Will my upgrade really pay off in the long run? These are good questions worth asking. Ygrene customers from around the country have shared their experiences to help you answer them.

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The Avilas

Homestead, FL

Projects completed: Impact Windows, Doors, Hurricane-impact Garage

“Naturally, there’s skepticism. You have doubts. You think ‘can we afford this type of project?’ And Ygrene gave us the light. It basically allowed us to not tie into our credit, and just have it tacked onto the taxes of our house, spread out over 20 years [making it very affordable].”

The Watsons

Sacramento, CA

Projects completed: Solar

“Once I started looking at the numbers, we were saving $130/month. I’m glad we went with it.”

The Sotos

Elk Grove, CA

Projects completed: Energy-efficient Windows, Glass-sliding Doors, Irrigation, Building Envelope

“Ygrene came to our rescue, and I’m forever grateful…It also gave us back our dream of retirement. I can now enjoy this part of my life.”

The Pierces

Weston, FL

Projects completed: Roofing

“We knew the roof needed to be upgraded. It was leaking into my daughter’s room. Now we feel relieved. Now we have peace of mind. We’re just comfortable.”

The Bethels

Miami, FL

Projects completed: Solar Panels

“We wanted to lower our carbon footprint, and still be comfortable. It’s cooler, and it’s cheaper!”

The Millers

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Projects completed: Air Conditioning, Windows, Shutters

“Our insurance went down $7,000. I can’t believe everybody doesn’t use Ygrene. It’s a no-brainer.”

Ana Ceballos

Miami, FL

Projects completed: Energy-efficient Windows, Air Conditioning

“My main reason to get new windows was security for my daughters...having new windows and a new A/C is a blessing.”

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