Financing designed to help you save.

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Financing designed to help you save.

Upgrade to lower utility bills, no upfront costs, and no payments for up to 12 or more months.¹

Discover the Benefits of Ygrene’s Alternative Financing

Ygrene offers an alternative way to finance energy-efficient and renewable energy upgrades for residential in Florida and commercial properties in California, Missouri and Florida. Depending on where your property is located, it may also be eligible for upgrades that help conserve water and protect against storm damage.

As a leading Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) provider, Ygrene allows you to leverage the equity in your property to make it even better. Ygrene offers unique advantages including low, fixed rates, no upfront costs, and no prepayment penalties. Because Ygrene financing is an assessment on your property and not a loan or discount program, it is repaid annually with your property taxes. Approvals are based primarily on home equity.

How does Ygrene Financing work?


Check eligibility

Find out if your property qualifies in seconds. An eligibility check with Ygrene won't affect your credit score.


Get Approved

Apply and get approved in 30 minutes. Sign a few quick documents with clear disclosures, and you're ready to get started.


Choose a contractor

Every independent contractor is licensed and trained to offer Ygrene financing, and has successfully passed an extensive background check.


Complete your project

Work with your independent contractor to plan and complete your upgrade(s). The Ygrene support team is here if you have any questions pertaining to your financing along the way.


Ygrene pays the contractor for you

When the project has been completed to your satisfaction, your contractor will submit a final funding request to Ygrene and be paid directly by us.


Pay financing annually through property taxes

PACE financing is considered an assessment on your property and is added as a line item on your property tax bill. When you make your first payment, it could be up to 17 months after your project is completed¹

Thousands of people choose Ygrene. Here's why.

Approval based primarily on equity²

and your ability to pay

Low, fixed interest rates

ensure costs never fluctuate

Independent contractors

vetted and authorized by Ygrene

Lower payment options

thanks to lower rates and longer financing terms

Payment protection

only issues final payment to the contractor once you're satisfied

Easy repayments

made with your annual property taxes

Ygrene success stories

We wanted to lower our carbon footprint, and still be comfortable. It's cooler and it's cheaper!"
The Bethels, Solar Customer,Miami, Florida
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First check to see if your property qualifies. If your property is in one of Ygrene's service areas, you can apply online and get approved within 30 minutes. Eligibility is primarily based on equity and your ability to pay, among other factors -- not your credit score. Applying for PACE financing with Ygrene will have no effect on your credit score.

A special assessment will be added to your property tax bill as a new line item. This new annual tax payment will remain on your bill for length of the term you have chosen. Simply pay your property tax bill the same way that you always have--either when the bill arrives or via your impound/escrow account.

Payments are due on the same schedule and deadlines as your current property taxes--this applies whether you pay the tax bill directly or whether you pay monthly through an impound or escrow account. Contact Ygrene Customer Care for more details.

If you sell your property, payments may transfer to the new owner. Keep in mind that while property taxes are legally transferable, mortgage lenders or home buyers may require full repayment (payoff) of your remaining PACE tax obligation as a condition of a refinance or sale. So before obtaining Ygrene financing, you should consider the likelihood and timing of a possible sale or refinance, as well as the costs to repay the tax obligation.             

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¹Timing of first payment depends on date of funding; interest accrues after funding.