Realtors, mortgage brokers, energy auditors, community members to profit from Ygrene Referral Agent Program

SANTA ROSA, CA -- Ygrene Energy Fund, the leading provider of property assessed clean energy (PACE) programs for local governments, today announced the launch of its Ygrene Referral Agent Program, which pays a referral fee to real estate agents, mortgage brokers, energy auditors, architects, engineers, property managers, entrepreneurs and other community members nationwide for identifying PACE project adoption across Ygrene's Clean Energy Districts.


Ygrene Referral Agents can easily earn commission on any of the hundreds of commercial and residential property upgrades financed by Ygrene. Eligible projects include energy efficiency and renewable energy as well as hurricane protection in Florida and water conservation in California. Eligible construction projects completed within the past year in their Clean Energy Sacramento and Clean Energy Green Corridor districts are also eligible for commission through Ygrene's refinancing opportunities.

Ygrene's financing offers commercial and residential property owners the clear benefit of 100 percent financing, a 20 year fixed-rate term, easy qualification, zero out-of-pocket expense and many more advantages compared to property owners traditional debt financing options.

An introductory double-commission rate of one percent is available to those agents who complete project applications before October 31, 2013, and a 0.5 percent commission will be offered through the end of the year. With the company's plan to finance more than $100M in PACE projects in the next year, the Ygrene Referral Agent Program represents more than $1M in available referral fees for the marketplace.

Through its Clean Energy Sacramento program in California, launched earlier this year, Ygrene has closed $4.2M in projects over the past 90 days and has received over $10M in pre-approved applications. The company also recently funded Florida's first PACE projects through its Clean Energy Green Corridor program and will open its doors in Atlanta, Georgia later this year.

In addition to the vast referral agent income benefits, the Ygrene Referral Agent Program offers professionals a key service differentiator and an opportunity to strengthen their expertise in the rapidly growing sustainability sector. It also serves as yet another tangible job creation benefit from Ygrene, which works closely with local contractors to bring PACE projects to life.

Industry professionals can register as Referral Agents through a simple online process in minutes at, or by visiting a local Ygrene Energy Center.  No specialized training is required, though a full set of educational materials, webinars and sales tools are available. Ygrene Referral Agents are also welcome to attend Ygrene Certification training for comprehensive education on the program and benefits to property owners. Agents who register by August 31 will receive five free application vouchers, a $250 value, to offer their referred property owners.

"The Ygrene Referral Agent Program accelerates the positive impact of PACE by offering financial incentives to community stakeholders and professionals across the nation. In some instances, Referral Agents can earn upwards of $10,000 on a single project," said Stacey Lawson, CEO of Ygrene Energy Fund. "We're receiving strong interest in this unique opportunity to positively impact communities, enhance client services, and make money by doing good."

For additional details on program eligibility and qualifying projects, please visit

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