Fire Protection

Home Fire Safety Tips: How to Prevent a Fire at Home

October 25, 2021

Home fires are nothing to take lightly, and when disaster strikes, time is of the essence. Within two short minutes, a seemingly manageable cooking fire can evolve into a life-threatening emergency. Within five minutes, flames can engulf an entire home. Not only can house fires incur catastrophic damages, but they can cost lives. 

Prepare for a California Wildfire Before Disaster Strikes

August 17, 2021

California is on fire — again. Wildfire season in the Golden State is off to a menacing start. While September and October are typically the worst months for large destructive infernos, extreme heat and drought conditions in the Western U.S. have created acres upon acres of dry, flammable vegetation while a lack of snowpack is contributing to fires at higher elevations.

How to Fire-Proof Your Home to Withstand a Wildfire

September 9, 2020

Flames charge toward your home in the middle of the night, giving you and your family only moments to escape the blaze, before your memories are reduced to a pile of ash. This nightmare has become a reality for more Californians in the past few years. 

The Golden State has always been prone to fires, but our changing climate is exacerbating the volume and severity of these infernos. Higher-than-average temperatures and a lack of moisture, combined with strong winds from August to November turn the state into a tinderbox.