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PACE program offers affordability and peace of mind

October 13, 2019
With hurricanes growing stronger, and Palm Beach County often in the projected path, I wanted to make sure my property…

Barat Academy Saves 48% in Energy Costs, Improves Learning Environment by Upgrading School’s Lighting, HVAC Systems

October 10, 2019
The Barat Academy Board of Directors has committed to a range of upgrades to the school’s facilities that save energy,…

PACE helps provide answers for environmental challenges

October 8, 2019
The answers to the environmental challenges of the 21st Century aren’t top-down mandates or exploiting teenaged pawns…

Blockchain-enabled registry to help US project meet new clean energy regulations

October 7, 2019
Financiers for a US-based clean energy, energy efficiency and water conservation project have selected Spring Labs to…

Spring Labs Wins Deal to Follow Energy Loans Using Blockchain

October 1, 2019
Spring Labs, the blockchain startup, is set to create a registry to track liens in the $5.6 billion energy-efficiency…

Green Builders Lean on a Juggernaut Loan Program

August 27, 2019
As more cities and states put into effect tough environmental standards and laws to combat climate change, developers…

MIT Study Shows Renewable Energy Can Generate Billions Of Dollars In Health Benefits

August 16, 2019
Ten states across the Midwest and Great Lakes region of the US could see $4.7 billion in health benefits in 2030 if…

Gov. DeSantis appoints state resilience officer to prepare Florida for rising sea levels

August 2, 2019
Gov. Ron DeSantis has appointed the person who will be responsible for preparing Florida for the environmental,…

As Natural Disaster Damages Increase in Florida, PACE Could Help Mitigate Costs

August 1, 2019
Florida PACE could be vital source of money to make private property flood resilient.

Ron DeSantis picks Julia Nesheiwat for Chief Resilience Officer

August 1, 2019
Julia Nesheiwat will serve as the state’s first Chief Resilience Officer, Gov. Ron DeSantis announced Thursday evening…