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Petaluma’s Ygrene Energy Fund taps new CFO as it expands into commercial PACE financing

July 31, 2019
Ygrene Energy Fund, an energy efficient project financing firm in Petaluma, has announced Greg Saunders as its new…

Let Florida PACE program help people protect homes from flooding, not just wind damage

July 30, 2019
In an Invading Sea article in June, I wrote that new building codes and large public infrastructure projects will not…

More than 250 mayors nationwide sign letter calling for increased solar power

July 26, 2019
A bipartisan group of 252 U.S. mayors, representing every state and one territory, released a letter today through…

Storm resiliency needs to be affordable

July 11, 2019
For communities to better protect themselves from the next major weather event, homeowners must invest in storm…

Help homeowners protect their homes against storms — but it has to be affordable

July 11, 2019
With the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season upon us, experts are sounding the alarm about the potential devastation heading…

Planning ahead for storms can save money

July 11, 2019
Floridians are no stranger to the damage and destruction of hurricane season, with many still rebuilding after the…

California provides access to money for building resilient neighborhoods

June 29, 2019
Already this month, a 2,200-acre fire scorched Yolo County, hot temperatures and high winds necessitated red flag…

Florida’s flood, storm risk shows value of programs Like PACE

June 24, 2019
Earlier this month, CoreLogic released its 2019 Storm Surge Report — a sobering collection of data detailing the…

Lawmakers must help Missourians prepare for future tornadoes and floods

June 10, 2019
Tornadoes have again ravaged Missouri and Governor Mike Parson recently declared a state of emergency in response to…

Make a plan, invest in resiliency for hurricane season

May 24, 2019
With hurricane season here, it’s time to get prepared and make a plan.