PACE Financing: A Noble Endeavor

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August 9, 2017

Imagine a financing option devoid of stress, free of worry, and available to everyone. Envision a flawless customer experience, where approval is not based on cumbersome traditional financing, but instead on your payment history and the equity in your home. With the simplicity of twice annual payments included in your tax bill, that opportunity is here—available to you today through PACE financing.

PACE stands for property assessed clean energy: a green energy, climate resiliency and renewable financing instrument to make your home more comfortable and efficient. With no money down, PACE provides 100 percent financing and flexible repayment options. So, if you’re thinking about home improvements to facilitate energy or water savings, protect against storms and natural disasters, or utilize renewable resources, then you owe it to yourself to look at PACE.

Rapid Nationwide Expansion

From California to Florida, Ygrene Energy Fund is rapidly expanding its PACE programs to offer homeowners and businesses the means to lower their carbon impact, ultimately creating a brighter future for all. When we do our job well, our customers thrive; we create jobs. Across the nation, Ygrene has saved its customers $2.3 billion in utility bill savings—equal to 1 year of power for some 932,000 homes. Across the nation, we’ve also created and sustained about 14,150 jobs (as of July 2017), and that number continues to grow.

Maintaining a Customer Focus

At Ygrene, when we say the customer comes first, we back it up in everything we do. One example of this is the recent rollout of a number of programs to ensure Ygrene delivers the highest levels of integrity in everything we do.

A few highlights:

  • Ygrene trains, tests and certifies each contractor, while ensuring their workmanship and quality.
  • Annual reviews are conducted to guarantee all contractors are in good standing with the state licensing board.
  • Ygrene evaluates all contractor estimates to verify that each improvement meets the eligibility guidelines.
  • We speak to every property owner whose application is approved, and make sure they understand the terms of their financing agreement.
  • A final review of the project is conducted, and consumers must authorize Ygrene to pay the contractor before any money is exchanged.

Redefining the Way You Finance Home Upgrades

By ensuring our PACE conditions are simple, straightforward, and comprehensible for all property owners, Ygrene is redefining home improvement financing. We’re replacing traditional, exclusive financing with a highly inclusive option—combined with superior protections for our valued consumers. It’s a noble endeavor, PACE financing. Ygrene has made people and the environment the focus of what we do. We hope you’ll join us in the shift to clean and efficient energy.

Find out if PACE financing is available in your area – call Ygrene at (855) 901-3999 or email us: