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cool roof reflecting sunlight

7 Advantages & Disadvantages of Cool Roofs

June 2th, 2017
Cool roofs provide protection from solar heat gain in warm climates or on sizzling summer days. This innovative roofing is designed to reflect the sunlight from a building rather than absorb the heat and allow it to permeate the structure below. In the past, homeowners relied on white roofing for reflecting the sun’s rays. While lighter colors are much better for reflection, new technology and modern design allow for more richly-colored roofing materials with the same reflective properties . This means that homeowners can now enjoy the benefits of cool roofs without having to sacrifice aesthetics. Certain reflective shingles or tiles can provide these cooling properties, as can paint-like thermal
exterior building insulation

Home Insulation: Are You Overlooking This Important Efficiency Upgrade?

Insulation is a universally important tool for improving energy efficiency in a home. With proper insulation, homeowners can decrease the amount of energy needed to heat...

man under waterfall in Hawaii

10 Small U.S. Cities Leading in Energy Efficiency

Small cities can make a big impact. In fact, many are leading the way in terms of energy efficiency. Energy Star, which certifies high-efficiency appliances and home improvement products, is actually run...

efficient HVAC systems

Ducts: The Unseen Backbone of Heating and Cooling Efficiency

Ductwork is a fundamental aspect of heating and cooling systems. These conduits are necessary in homes with any type of forced-air heating or central air conditioning.

Often unseen, ducts are easily...

feet on reclaimed wood floor

10 Home Improvement DIY Projects Made from Recycled Materials

Even basic home improvement projects can turn into pricey undertakings. The cost of quality wood and hardware needed to fabricate a simple cabinet or bookshelf, for example, is surprisingly high....

little girl splashing in the pool

Eco-Friendly Pool: High-Efficiency Pool Pumps & Equipment

Home swimming pools provide entertainment, relief from the sweltering summer heat, and a great way to exercise. They can also consume a significant amount of energy. In fact, homes with...

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10 Home Improvement Mistakes to Avoid

Homeowners are generally aware that problems could arise during an improvement project, but most do not realize they can lower the chance of setbacks by taking certain steps before...

What Fuels America's Growing Demand For Electricity?

The year 1949 marked the invention of color television, the first Emmy Awards and the debut of the Volkswagen Beetle in the United States. It also marked the beginning of...

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25 Ways to Improve the Value of Your Home

Homeowners often opt for sizable upgrades to increase the value of their property. Major projects can certainly improve the odds of a better sale price, but simpler (and cheaper) changes can prove...

woman gazing at the cityscape from her balcony

How to Increase Commercial Real Estate Cash Flow

Landlords can yield greater profits from rental properties through creative income streams, such as making improvements that warrant a rent increase.

bear family coming out of hibernation

Beat the Urge to Hibernate With a Home Improvement Project

The dark winter months may seem impractical for home improvements. However, upgrading your home during this slow season can improve your stress levels, as well as your bank account. Instead...

sunshine through new windows

12 Things Appraisers Know About Green Energy Properties

Some traits of a green energy property are clearly visible: solar panels, a wind turbine in the backyard, or reflective roof shingles meant to repel the sun’s heat. Other features,...

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The 8 Best Home Energy Efficiency Improvements You Can Make

Homeowners who want to improve the efficiency of their property should ask themselves these two related questions: which upgrades will save the most money on energy costs...