Contractor Spotlight: Energy Remodeling

By Ygrene on March 20, 2017
capturing sunshine

Energy Remodeling, a solar company and green home solutions provider, prides itself on quality. The company uses American-made solar panels and offers a 10-year labor warranty to back up its workmanship (compared to the market standard of two years).

"Our panels also have a 25-year linear warranty—that’s about as good as it gets,” says Ed Zumstien, associate vice president of sales. While solar systems are Energy Remodeling’s “bread and butter” the company offers an array of services, from cool roofs, HVAC systems, and windows, to artificial grass and insulation.

“We focus on anything that will offset or conserve your energy as far as electricity, gas, or water,” Zumstien says.

Committed to Customers and Collaboration

With well over 300 employees spread out between branches in Southern California, Northern California, Sacramento and most recently Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Energy Remodeling is expanding without losing its consumer-centric focus.

“Each branch that I visit has a team identity. They work together; there’s good communication and if somebody is falling behind, then other people will bring that person with them and show them how it’s done,” Zumstien said.

That goodwill is passed on to Energy Remodeling’s customers. “When we build the foundation for a more collaborative environment, we don’t have to worry about being retroactive with our customers—we can be proactive,” Zumstien said. “When our clients sign up with us, they’re going to hear from somebody on a regular basis. That’s the kind of client experience that I want to give.”

A 'Solution for the People'

To further enhance the consumer experience, Energy Remodeling has partnered with Ygrene to offer PACE (property assessed clean energy) financing.

The innovative financing option enables property owners to leverage the equity in their homes to finance energy efficiency, renewable energy, water conservation and storm prevention retrofits. Instead of paying up front, they can finance their project for 20 years, and make annual payments on their property tax bill.

“Ygrene offers a solution for the people. A lot of Americans are living check-to-check or one check ahead, so they don’t exactly have a solar savings account,” Zumstien revealed. “Programs like Ygrene make it easy for them to invest in their future.”

The PACE program benefits residents and local contractors alike. “It’s amazing for our clients, and because it’s such a good resource to use for quality contractors like ourselves, it’s absolutely expanding our business,” Zumstien said.

Expanding the Eco-Conscious Mindset

As the cost of energy increases—especially in states like California—more residents are looking for ways they can save money in the long-run while being mindful of their carbon impact. “As an American, I feel very fortunate and proud to be part of this great industry that benefits our customers, our planet and our economy.” said Zumstien, who has been with Energy Remodeling for two years.

“I think as technology moves along, and energy conservation moves along, and a lot of people care—not only about the money that they save but what we’re actually doing to the planet as a result," he adds. "More and more people get it.”

Discover how you can become a Ygrene-certified contractor and expand your business with PACE financing.