How You Can Save Despite the Rising Cost of Insurance

July 1, 2022

Insurance premiums are going up nationwide — but they’re surging in Florida. If you’ve been considering a home improvement, don’t let the high insurance premiums put you off. More efficient energy solutions may lower your insurance premiums and help you save on monthly expenses. 

Spring Cleaning Checklist

April 29, 2022

It’s that time of year when everyone is starting to declutter and refresh their home. Whether you have a few neglected areas in your house that could use tidying and organizing or larger-scale projects like renovating a room or installing new fixtures and appliances, spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to get it done. But where do you start? 

Bethel couple in front of their home with solar panels

The Bethels Saved by Financing Their Solar Panels with Ygrene

June 17, 2019

When Carol and David Bethel moved into their Coconut Grove home, the first thing they wanted to do was install solar panels. They felt like going solar was one of the best home improvements they could make, for many reasons. "Our interest in solar panels is just part of an overall sustainable living plan that's important to us, especially in South Florida where the weather is great most of the year.

Girl staying cool with fan

Maximizing Comfort by Replacing Dated Heating & Cooling (HVAC) Systems

June 8, 2018

Living in a comfortable home is important.

Homeowners Boost Comfort and Ease Stress through PACE Financing

October 31, 2017

Alex and Dannit Pierce had outgrown their South Florida home. Enticed by a new friendly neighborhood full of other children for their three to play with, the Pierces relocated to Weston in 2014. Before moving in, the couple renovated and updated the home to suit their tastes. “We changed everything except for the roof,” Dannit said.

Ygrene Eases Anxiety for Homeowners Faced With Major Repairs

September 28, 2017

The lifespan of Chrystal Abbott’s 1969 roof had come to an end. “It was basically raining inside my house,” she said of her Bakersfield, Cali. home. The initial quote of $27,000 for a new roof was a tough pill to swallow. “We’re middle class,” Chrystal said. “We have a child in college, two high school boys and a middle schooler—we don’t have extra cash just floating around. So for me to garner $27,000 to get a new roof is a very big deal.”

The Millers Improve Their Storm Protection and Save on Insurance

September 22, 2017

Greg and Joy Miller of Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. were once forced to put up plywood and metal shutters whenever the forecast called for a storm. “Climbing up on ladders to my second story windows is not my favorite thing to do,” Greg said. “I had to do all that work whether the storm came or not.” The couple also sleeps easier knowing that their house is harder to break into. “Those old windows were so dirty and scratched up from a dog that lived here before us,” Joy recalled. “Now the windows are clean and beautiful – it improves the look of the house.

California Homeowner Saves Water and Energy with PACE

September 14, 2017

California’s five-year drought left many residents with brown, dry lawns due to watering restrictions. While the drought has officially ended, the outlook for California’s water future is uncertain, and wasteful water practices are still largely prohibited. “The next drought could be around the corner,” Gov. Jerry Brown reminds state residents. “Conservation must remain a way of life.”

Miami Shores Couple Creates Storm-Resistant Home, Saves Big

June 22, 2017

Each year by the month of June, Paul and Rasha Cameau of Miami Shores are prepared for hurricane season. Fortunately, the couple’s home has avoided major storms in recent years. Back in 2005, however, their roof and windows were damaged by Hurricane Wilma—the most intense cyclone recorded in the western hemisphere until Hurricane Patricia hit in 2015.

Coral Gables Commissioner Embraces Solar, Leads City by Example

June 9, 2017

When Vince Lago was sworn in as the City of Coral Gables Commissioner four years ago, he had two objectives: to maintain public safety and to promote sustainability.

The commissioner has stayed true to his word.

In 2014, he facilitated the city’s adoption of residential property assessed clean energy (PACE) financing—a program that was only available commercially in the two years prior. Supported unanimously by the City Commission, PACE enhances the city’s participation in the Clean Energy Green Corridor program.

Small Business Owner Replaces Roof, Preserves Prosperity

May 19, 2017

A leaky roof jeopardized the livelihood of Jackson Rip Holmes. The Miami resident owns a small storefront in Coral Gables and leases the commercial property to Massage Envy. When it rained, the massage chain was unable to use one of its rooms and threatened a rent strike unless the worn-out roof was replaced. “This is my only source of income,” Holmes said. “If the tenant went on a strike, I would have defaulted on my mortgages and my business would have collapsed over a $20,000 roof that I didn’t have the money for.”

Coconut Grove Homeowner Reflects on Sunny Savings

May 11, 2017

Carol López-Bethel moved to Miami’s Coconut Grove neighborhood in 2012 from Washington D.C., trading her urban dwelling for a tropical three-bedroom. She bought a 1950s post-war house that had all of its original pine ceilings still in mint condition.

Allen Family Makes Home Their Happy Place for Work and Play

May 3, 2017

The Allen family bought their house in Coral Gables in 2012, but they started to worry about their 12 year old roof withstanding another hurricane season. In 2016, with their roof near the end of its life, the Allens knew they couldn’t wait any longer and sought to make repairs. They saw the Ygrene booth at a local event and discovered the benefits of leveraging the equity in their home to finance energy efficiency, wind protection, and renewable energy upgrades. “We felt attracted to the program,” said Nidiana.